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We make buying and managing your telecom services a breeze.

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Have you ever been frustrated by Service Providers with:
  • Pushy Sales People
  • Lackluster Support
  • Never-ending Deployments
  • Long & Painful Sales Process
  • Low Accountability
  • Revolving Door Account Teams
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There's a Better Way to Buy and Manage Your Telecom Services!
us vs them
Carrier Direct vs
Buying Direct From a Carrier
Buying Through
No Objectivity

• Limited to their range of their products and services.

• "Best deals" are whatever the carrier is promoting and sales rep is selling at the time rather than the best, most cost effective solution.


• SkaleSmart is unbiased in presenting carrier solutions.

• We provide industry insight including best practices and total cost of ownership analysis for the best solution for each customer.

No Price Flexibilty

• Requirements to maintain revenue and quota can prevent reps from providing best price, current discounts, and promotions.

Price Flexibilty

• Without quota requirements, we deliver the best price possible and recommend contract language that protects our clients.

No Continuity

• Multiple carrier contacts and processes for different services.

• High employee turn-over and minimal post sale support are the norm.


• SkaleSmart provides our clients a single-source to identify and procure all telecom solutions.

• We focus on long term partnerships, not single transactions. We’re in it for the long haul.

Price Flexibilty.
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Unlimited Choices + Market Intelligence
SkaleSmart has partnerships with over 200 national and global carriers giving us access to competitive pricing options, which provides us significant knowledge of industry trends and best practices. We inform our clients about each carrier’s strengths and weaknesses, without prejudice towards a specific carrier, allowing them to make an informed decision.

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SkaleSmart takes problems and transforms them into opportunities. We leverage the world's best technologies to solve issues others take one look at, shrug their shoulders and walk away from.
Jeff Hootselle
Founder, CEO
Daniel Beaty
Founder, CTO
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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Transitioning to UCaaS
If you are considering migrating from an on-site, legacy phone system to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), the timing is better now than ever.

To ensure a great experience with your new communications systems, you can take an active role in preparing for a smooth migration.

In this PDF, you'll learn the 6 common mistakes companies make when transitioning to UCaaS and how to avoid them!
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